Wayfaring Stranger.
At the moment around Brno, Czech Republic.

Martin Rabovský
daydreamer / weirdo / wanderer

The answer to the question “Who am I?” is hard put into few words so if you are interested in something specific, just ask. :-)

Here’s a brief summary:
What pleases me: the company of good souls, conversations between four eyes, at times…solitude, journeys without destination, nights under the open sky, hiking beautiful mountains, exploring forests, (autumn) wind, the softness of moss, the sun and shadows, fauna and flora, thunder and lighting, biking and walking, Japanese tea, music of all kinds, printed photos, veganity on the rise, permaculture…
What does not make me happy: falsity, hypocrisy…

Photography has grabbed me since my childhood. My faithful partner during the early attempts was an old manual Russian camera Smena 8M which is still in working condition. I documented summer camps and school trips, and ….. and the pictures were pretty bad at first. :-) It has been a few decades since but to be honest, I still can not say that I have reached the point of perfection. Yet, I love it. And above all – as long as my photos make those on the other side of the camera happy, everything is the way it should be.

I like meeting and getting to know good souls,
I love ‘talking between four eyes’.
Perhaps… that’s the real reason why I take pictures.