First, I want to get to know you
and I want this to show in the pictures.

I believe a wedding day should be real, natural and relaxed; it should not be a performance. My photography style matches this philosophy: I don’t interfere with the course of your day nor do I push anybody into (or out of) the pictures. Although I can capture your special moments any way you choose, documentary style of photo-taking would definitely be my personal preference. Trying to merge in with the wedding guests so that the ‘camera guy sneaking around’ goes almost unnoticed is one of my passions. Your wedding day is to be all about YOU, not the photographer. Should you also wish for portraits and feel unsure about how to behave in front of a camera, don’t worry, I can most certainly help and make you feel at ease. No stress at all, we will tune the shooting so that everybody feels relaxed and comfortable in the moment.

Documenting a wedding is not ‘just another day in the office’ for me. Should this ever become ‘just business’, I will know it’s time to choose another new and creative adventure then. Currently, however, I find myself on this journey which gives me much joy and a sense of fulfillment. If what you’ve just read sounds appealing to you, please know that I would love to partner with you as you prepare for the biggest and most special day of your life!

Personal approach’ is not just an empty phrase to me. Dedicating my time to anyone who puts his or her trust in me is my top priority and that is why I only accept bookings which are far and wide apart. Our encounter should not be just a stereotypical business meeting… my goal is getting to know you and I want it to be obvious in the pictures. This said, I am of the opinion that you also should have a good idea about what this photographer is all about! If you have a moment, take a look at “Who I am” and see if we are on a similar wave. Or even better, call and we can meet!

I would love to hear all about your wedding day plans and hopefully our paths can intersect for the next while! I wish to be part of your life story and enrich it with my photography.